lunes, marzo 19, 2012

benjamín botones, según dicent

El extraño caso de Benjamín Botones, un niño dominicano.


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Jessica Tyner dijo...

Mr. Chaves,

I am a contributing editor for the literature section of Thalo Magazine, a New York-based publication. If you are available for a brief interview, either in person or via email, I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you. Hopefully, I would like to write a feature highlighting your work and its impressive contribution to the contemporary poetry world.

I live in San Jose, Costa Rica. You may reach me at Thank you very much for your time.

Si solo habla espanol, aviseme. Gracias.

Luis Chaves dijo...

bueno, aunque no s para tnto, muchas gracias y hablamos por mail, thnx